Tooth decay, cavities and other oral health issues

Ever since I can remember I have had sensitive teeth. There was this one time I was cutting class with some friends behind the baseball dugout and eating vending machine gummy worms. As good as those wiggly worms were, I almost stopped eating them (almost…) because my teeth were zinging so badly. Okay but sensitive teeth and ‘bad’ teeth are not the same, right? Up until about 5 years ago I refused to consider any protocol to help my teeth beyond the dentist’s ‘brush and floss daily’ regime. Well it turns out there is a lot more we can do for our oral health, and it all starts with diet. Yeah, I probably would have cringed at that a few years ago…its one thing to eat healthy to lose weight or some lofty goal, but to eat healthy just for my teeth? Nah. I’ll keep munching my gummy worms, thanks. Luckily the more I learned the more I realized the key fundamentals are all wrong! Sure we need to stay away from processed sugar and flour da de do, but its not so much what we need to stay away from than what it is what we need to be running towards! There was a study done where they put a strong healthy tooth and a porous weak tooth in the same sugary/degrading solution, and guess what? The healthy tooth was not effected! The important thing to focus on is running towards the teeth strengtheners!

So what are they? Honestly, it’s really simple. More mineral, more fat soluble vitamins. There is a lot more jibber jabber to fluff it up with, but really that’s what it comes down to.

In the book Cure Tooth Decay, the stress is raw dairy products (must be RAW), especially fermented cod liver oil (the fermentation keeps it unadulturated by heat vs all other fish oil products). Considering I am all about RAW, I am going to be giving this a try. Usually I stay away from dairy products, but with winter coming and my baby’s teeth are needing some extra attention, we are going to go on a trial run. As for minerals, I am going to be using all food sources, nothing inorganic (which most supplements are). Primarily fresh vegetable juice and dark leafy greens. The supplement I do enjoy is Mt. Capra Mineral Whey, as it is not only ridiculously high in minerals, but the taste is pretty great (to me at least).

I did order the fermented cod liver oil with butter oil, hopefully that will jump start us enough we won’t need to do a second bottle…cause it aint cheap! And I dont want to rely on killing others for my health. This protocol is hopefully short term, then we can get back to an entirely plant based diet.

I am writing this pretty quickly, so I can document where we are at right now, and especially so I can reflect on this later and update our progress!

Here is another post of mine on teeth hygiene tips.


Cheers to health!  infection teeth oral health cavity decay tooth michael kors tasche blau


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