Supplements to Fight and Eliminate Fungal and Bacteria Overtrowth/Infection

Candida treatment I put together for myself:

Supplement Overview:
Prebiotic-Raw Potato Starch. Onion. Garlic.
Probiotic-GofL. Water Kefir. Sauerkraut.
Antifungals-GSE. Goldenseal. Caprylic Acid. Garlic. Garlic. Pau d’Arco, Black Walnut Hull. Gymnema.
Liver-Turmeric. Milk Thistle. Dandelion.
Immune/Lymph-Echinacea. Vitamin C. Astragalus. Vitamin D (fermented cod liver oil).
Gut heal-Glutamine. Chia & Flax. Slippery Elm. Marshmallow. Bone broth.
External & Internal EO-Clove.   Lemongrass. Tea Tree. Peppermint.
Hormones-RRaspberry Tea. Licorice.
Minerals-Nano Water. Tea. Kelp. Vitalherbs. Greens Powder.
Blood Stream-Chlorophyll. Burdock. Red Clover.
Digestion-Enzymes. Sauerkraut. ACV. Cayenne.
Enema-ACV. Coffee. Dandelion. Lemon. EO.
Heavy Metals-Kelp. Chlorella. Cilantro. Zeolite. Clay

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