Cloth Diapers: is it really worth the effort?

Nowadays, the cloth diaper train is finally becoming a popular destination. Who knew! Funny, I’m sure our pioneer ancestors would have killed to have disposable diapers. We have a lot to be grateful for…

Lucky for us all we have to do is type in our questions to Google or Pinterest and more than 10 answers will come up. I have to admit-my son, Murphy, is eight months old and I am just getting into cloth diapering. Guilty, as charged. Do I have an excuse? Of course! I have plenty. But do you want to hear them? Probably not.
What I will tell you is the good and the bad I have encountered while becoming a progressive pioneer.
I’ll mention the bad right up front because who wants to dwell on the negative! Especially when good always prevails.
Here it is. Cons: Rash, cost up front, time, and water.
Rash-His skin is still adjusting to having more contact with moisture.
Cost up front-Yes you most definitely save money in the long run, but you can easily put down a good chunk of money to invest in ‘clothies’. You can go the super cheap route or the more expensive route…I have a little bit of both. I will say, I do use up my more expensive ones first…they are a little bit more formfitting and quicker (Murphy really dislikes having his diaper changed, so I am getting really fast).
Time and water-These pretty much go together. You are doing more loads of laundry and thus using more water with more loads. Luckily where we live, water is extremely cheap! Score! But regardless, it is something to be conscious of.
-Eco friendly (as cool as it is to think Columbus’ huggies diaper could still be fresh and undegraded in some landfill)
-Saves $$money$$!
-Healthier. Think about all the chemicals you are saving your sweet innocent baby from!
-One thing that has helped a tooon is my homemade butt paste. It is extremely easy! cheap! and effective!
-diy wipes (we’ve come this far, why not, right?) and let’s be honest, pretty much doubles the benefits of cloth diapers.
-Mixing 1-2 T of cleaner in a bucket of water to soak soiled diapers. I mostly use vinegar, but I have used other things that work great as well: dish soap, essential oils (clove, peppermint, tea tree, etc), non-chlorine bleach, and salt.
Brands I like:
I have another confession. I got my cloth diapers shortly after Murphy was born…so yes-it has taken me this long to finally take on the challenge. Worth it?? Totally! I don’t know why I was so apprehensive!! So if you are skeptical, it’s okay! But hey, don’t not do it just because you are a little nervous. I promise, it’s really easy.

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