Chew Your Food: Why it is so Important

Dr. Christopher, the great American herbalist always taught that “You should chew your drinks and drink your foods”.  He meant that it is crucial to good digestion to mix all the salivary enzymes with your food, so swish and chew the drinks you take.

Think about it. Your stomach doesn’t have any teeth… so make sure the food you eat is well masticated before swallowing it. Otherwise the energy you could have for happiness and vitality, will be used up to break down what you easily could have taken care of, had you slowed down for just a couple extra seconds.

Yogi Bhajan explains in a lecture called Bhoj Kriya: How to Eat Consciously for Good Health“If you do not mix saliva in every morsel of your food, you are eating poison.” We gulp our food. It is totally unconscious. We break up the food with the teeth and swallow. The problem is that digestion begins in the mouth. Your saliva breaks down starch into simple sugar. Poison becomes nectar by simply eating small bites, chewing consciously, mixing your saliva and tasting the sweetness.

In the same lecture, Yogi Bhajan says, “When you swallow food that is not chewed properly, it swallows your strength, your life. Then nothing is left of you. Slow eating is one of the best meditations on this Earth.” Finally he says, “Your life will be long and your power will be great if you taste every morsel of the food you eat.”

Yogi Bhajan said that most people eat like animals—chomp, chomp, gulp. The alternative is to eat like angels, small bites, chewed thoroughly, mixed with the saliva in the mouth, tasting the sweetness and on

My stomach has no teeth.’ Do you understand? If even one-tenth of your food goes from your mouth into the body without saliiva, it will create disease.”

Here is an added bonus tip:

“The three roots—garlic, onion, and ginger—will maintain you through the times and through the age.” ~Yogi Bhajan

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