Nursing: How to Induce Lactation Naturally

Inducing Lactation as Nature Intended

lactating natural herbsThis natural miracle is definitely not for the faint of heart, but don’t give up! I know you will benefit as God intended.


Tell Heavenly Father what you want and why; and then ask for his help. Seek constant spiritual guidance and support, because this is going to be a journey where you will have many rough days and you will want to quit. Your father in heaven will be the one to always offer you the love and strength you will so desperately need.



Some women take longer than others to get their milk supply, and some women don’t create as much as they would hope. Take a moment and ask yourself, “If I am going to all of this effort and only making 1 oz. a day for my baby, is it worth it?” If so, what are we waiting for?! Every little bit helps.

Also, consider what exactly you are looking for by breastfeeding. Skin-to-skin contact/bonding? Baby connecting to your body’s scent? Nourishing baby as nature intended? All of the above? Now what if you only accomplish one or two of these…will you be okay with that? These are all scenarios to think about ahead of time and prepare yourself emotionally, because this is going to take a lot of time and effort on your part. You have to remember why this is all worth it on those days that really get you down.

Also if you can, read The Emotion Code. It will give you an understanding of how important emotions are in our lives, and how much of a role they play. You will be able to learn more about yourself and husband, and will also be prepared to deal with emotions you will experience full throttle, or have experienced in the past. During this time of taking such hormone boosting herbs, you will notice an increase in a variety of emotions and will be relieved when you know how to address them correctly.



LACTATE NATURAL INDUCE*This portion will require the most action, and will need strong commitment on your part.*


Galactagogue herbs I recommend: Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek, Nettle, Fennel, Marshmallow, Red Raspberry Leaf, Goat’s Rue, Alfalfa

2 Capsules, 3x daily

3 Cups of one of the following: Nettle, Red Raspberry or Alfalfa tea daily

*I can get a pre-made blend for wholesale pricing if you are interested. The brand is Dr. Christopher’s and it’s the Lactation Formula. Let me know J


As wholesome as possible, and the more living the better. Whole grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds, with Meat and Dairy sparingly (and only the highest quality ie organic, grassfed, cage free)

Foods that are especially good for breastfeeding:

– Carrot, Beets with leaves, yam (these 3 are high in iron, beta carotene and phytoestrogens), spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables, Squash, green beans, avocado, chickpeas, artichokes, spinach, apples, plums, peaches, turkey, brown rice, lentils, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds

– Flaxseed oil, sesame oil, wheat germ oil, organic grass fed butter, olive oil

– Oats

– Water, aim for one oz. per lb. of weight (ie 130 oz for 130 lb woman)

– Garlic ~ It has been found that if mom eats a lot of garlic it gives the breast milk a nicer taste which will increase the time baby spends on the breast therefore increasing breast milk production.

– Ginger (should not be taken with any other medication)


30 minutes daily- vital to get proper circulation flowing, and helps get needed energy to concentrated points of interest in the body (breasts).

Breast Massage:

3-5 times a day with essential oils (such as basil and fennel) with carrier oil (I like olive oil, wheat germ oil and coconut oil best)- keeps flow of energy to breasts throughout the day, helping your body to focus on lactating. (stimulating and feeding mammory glands, producing more of proper hormones (prolactin, oxytocin, progesterone and estrogen, nourishes with blood to breasts that will bring building blocks needed to create milk)

Breast Pump:

Gradually increasing to 8-10 times a day (helps the body to adapt as if you were already feeding your baby)


supplements pregnancy healthyMental

Educate yourself as much as possible. Read experiences of what has and has not worked for others in your situation. Some women recommend breast pumping before breastfeeding and some don’t; read for yourself why they say that, and then decide for yourself. My recommendation is simply this: educate yourself, feel what resonates within your spirit, and then do it in proper moderation.

Some beautiful experiences about Blessed Thistle, one of the most powerful lactation inducing herbs that I read about during my studies of Dr. Christopher (the founder of my school):

This wonder herb [Blessed Thistle], which can bring up the milk supply in a nursing mother. Dr. Christopher remembered one mother who lost her milk for almost two months. Her baby could not digest formula, soy formulas, or animal’s milk. He was almost dead from starvation and dehydration. Blessed thistle brought this mother’s milk back, and saved the baby’s life. Another mother was ordered by a doctor to wean her three-month old infant. Her milk was insufficient, he said. Blessed thistle gave her a good supply of rich milk. Still another mother of a large family grew fatigued and began to lose her milk, and just two capsules of blessed thistle each night restored so much milk that her nightclothes were wet with it.  (Blessed thistle caps, Blessed thistle extract)

But perhaps the most dramatic story about blessed thistle was the family where the mother was killed in an automobile accident. The seventeen-year-old sister brought the baby to Dr. Christopher; the infant had been thrown clear of the car and was uninjured. But it could not digest formula or animal’s milk. The young woman began to take blessed thistle tea, and soon she had a good) rich milk supply. She nursed the baby till it was weaned.

Similarly, a woman came to Dr. Christopher, intending to adopt a baby and wanting to breast feed. It was their fourth adoption, but she hadn’t been able to nurse any of them. Dr. Christopher helped her get onto a good diet, plenty of fresh juice, lots of distilled water each day, and at least three cups of blessed thistle tea a day. A few months later, she came to see him, and, throwing back her robe, showed him a chubby Navajo baby, nursing from her stark white breast. She said, “I love my four children so much, but I feel so close to this one. He is blood of my blood.”

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