Like the Blind Man, Jesus Christ Used Clay to Heal Me Too: Benefits of Bentonite Clay

This is my journal entry from about a month ago… I always feel vulnerable in opening up my personal health life to the world, but because it sounds like truth and feels like courage to me, I am trying to own it. This is the story…and hopefully me sharing this opens up some readers to new possibilities…and hope. “There is hope smiling brightly before us!”

“Just like the woman with the issue of blood (Mat 9:20-22; Mar 5:25-34; Luk 8:43-48), I too have put my faith in God’s hands and reached out to be healed. I know this: he has the power to heal…and can heal me specifically.

I have always known it, but haven’t quite put all that I am on the line, in faith. The other day I read the story about this New Testament woman, and empathized with her considerably to the point of tears. I too have been desperately trying to heal myself, for almost two years now-which doesn’t even touch her decade of dis-ease! (I have written about my health in past posts, but to sum it up as simple as possible: ever since I gave birth almost two years ago I have had gut issues and food intolerances, along with candida overgrowth. I believe this was all triggered by the stressful trauma of  my son’s intense [a la natural] birth.) I feel like I have done my best to do everything I could in my realm of consciousness to heal, and yet I wasn’t making much progress. So I would blame myself for never being good enough at my regime. Here I have been working hard at releasing emotions and limiting belief systems, taking supplemental herbs and loads of herbal tea, drinking bone broth, avoiding processed food, eliminating gluten/yeast/sugar, juicing vegetables, etc. etc. and yet I felt like I should always be doing more–and because I wasn’t seemingly doing ‘enough’ is why I wasn’t healing.

The tape that I have to fight in my mind goes like this- ‘I am not being/doing enough of what I need to be to heal.’

After reading this story and empathizing with this woman, I felt the compassion of Christ- his almighty power and desire to help me. All I had to do was just reach out!, in pure faith… simply touching his robe so I could be healed.

I then knelt down and wept. I felt him reaching around my shoulders and giving me a comforting embrace while also feeling my hurt with me. I reached out for him to heal me…right there. Just like the woman that asked for healing by touching him, as her faith hath made her whole, my faith hath made me whole. In that moment of feeling Christ’s love, I truly believed this with all my heart!

A day or two later, I read an excerpt about the blind man
who was healed by Jesus with clay.

Without then realizing it or linking the story to my life, that same day I got out the clay I had bought for toothpaste (yes, its a thing) and started taking it internally. I realize now I was led to this miracle. Truly, it has been a miracle in my healing process.

This was a few days ago…maybe a week? In the frenzy of the holidays I had wisped this all to the back of my mind and continued on with my regime to the best of my ability (traveling to Utah/Holiday treats/family feasts) and it has been this month of being home and trying to get back to a schedule, I realized that even with all of those disruptions to my teetering routine, I have felt really good. I feel like I have found a good protocol and my gut has not been inflamed or backed up. Also I have had gluten almost every other day–as well as (unprocessed) sugar…and no blisters on my hands. THIS IS HuuuUGE!!

So I believe as I continue to ACT in faith-by ever striving for health-and ASKING for him to make up the difference with my faith in him-that is enough. This is my personal experience of God’s GRACE…the enabling power promised us through the Atonement.
I can’t believe I have been missing the biggest link!
I have been trying to prove my ability through acting on my knowledge and studies–I thought I could heal myself. The lesson here for me to learn however, is that if I am going to try to become whole- especially with his herbs, I need to put more trust in God’s power. I am not going to heal through my power>credited to me. I can only truly heal through his power>all credit to him.
When we are truly fulfilling our purpose and the purpose of our given circumstance, we are giving 100% credit to God.
I thought I was fulfilling my purpose by utilizing God’s creations through a holistic approach, but I was still seeking validation in my abilities to heal through my acquired skills and knowledge.
Seeing as we each have a purpose, we might know what it is but we will never be able to entirely fulfill that purpose until we do all we can do and let God step in; then completely giving all credit to God.
Because doing all we can do isn’t going to do it. It might make a big dent, but to get to the apex of our potential, God has to lift us higher.
I had this specific experience because God has been trying to teach me this important lesson.
I think I am just beginning to realize how important it is to let God’s grace save us after all we can do- and I’m pretty sure I will continue to build upon this same lesson for a long time…
I feel like I am seeing with new eyes–in glorifying not only the redeeming power of the Atonement, but also this enabling power of the Atonement. I have much more to learn, and I am grateful to the Lord for helping me along the way!
Want to know some more reasons why clay is so wonderful?

Bentonite Clay is a unique volcanic ash clay due to its ability to produce an “electrical charge” when hydrated. Upon contact with fluid, its electrical components change, giving it the ability to absorb toxins. Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and chemicals.

As Mountain Rose Herbs explains:

Bentonite is a swelling clay. When it becomes mixed with water it rapidly swells open like a highly porous sponge. From here the toxins are drawn into the sponge through electrical attraction and once there, they are bound.

“Bentonite clay carries a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins. When it comes in contact with a toxin, chemical, or heavy metal, the clay will absorb the toxin and release it’s minerals for the body to use. Bentonite also helps get oxygen to cells as it pulls excess hydrogen and allows the cells to replace it with oxygen instead.” -Katie, Wellness Mama 

bentonite clay heal detox benefit use how internal external

Ways I personally have used Bentonite Clay:



-face mask

-daily pore/wrinkle minimizer (mix with face lotion)


-face wash+toner


-baby powder



-body detox

-removes heavy metals

-morning sickness

-acid reflux

-stomach ache

-digestive distress

-internal deodorant


-allows cells to receive more oxygen (bentonite clay helps to get oxygen into the cells because it has the ability to pull excess hydrogen from the cells, leaving room for oxygen to take its place. When cells have more oxygen entering them, you feel more energized and your body can repair itself more easily from illness or hard workouts.)

-alkalizes the body (bentonite clay contains alkalizing minerals in contrast, which brings the level of the body’s pH to a more optimal balance between acidity and alkalinity, helping to make the blood, saliva and urine more alkaline.)

-boosts probiotics (by removing toxins, digestive-distress causing chemicals, and heavy metals from the gut, bentonite clay helps to promote the “good bacteria” or probiotics living in your gut wall and to decrease the amount of harmful “bad bacteria”.-relieve digestion problems-antibacterial/antiviral-teeth whitener-purifies water-baby powder)

Interesting enough, many animals will instinctively turn to eating dirt and clay to help remove poisons from their systems or during times of illness or distress.

Also, though largely forgotten or disregarded in recent times, bentonite clay and other healing clays have been used by cultures throughout history for their nutrients and to help rid the body of toxins.

Just like in ancient times, Jesus Christ also provides miracles to people like us.

For me and the blind man, he used clay.

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