Fix Candida Forever by Eating Carbs and Sugar

Ever since I gave birth last year, my baby and I have had a systemic yeast infection. It has left me boggled, broken and hopelessly beat. Luckily, I think I am starting to grasp what the heck is going on. Honestly, I have been so confused, because I seriously had such a healthy and happy pregnancy! Yet it was the trauma of birth that seemed to have overly stressed my body, which reacted so strongly that the candida went all completely-systemic-bonkers as a result.

In short, I was in labor for almost 3 days and while giving birth naturally, I had third degree tears that resulted in over 30 stitches. Kind of traumatic. sufficient to say my body was traumatized.
I’m not sure why, but after researching this, I’ve found that yeast infections after birth are actually fairly common. Crazy, because it can also be an amazingly cleansing process as well. Guess it depends on what end of the straw you get haha- completely opposing results. Also, I have yet to understand why candida of all things is what presents itself with stress and trauma. Someone please enlighten me.

Now this didn’t just come out of nowhere, I admit. I have had problems with Candida overgrowth in the past. THE ITCH FROM HELL!!! I had bouts where the back of my throat was on fire it itched so bad, my eyes burned constantly, and of course the classic itch ‘down there’. That is probably the most annoying symptom. The rashes and digestion issues are a close second though. Oh and not to mention the achy joints and mood swings/lack of energy! Those are some of the pronounced symptoms I was dealing with, among others. It is interesting though, to see how some people get different symptoms for the same issue.
Looking back, these occurrences happened more frequently and were pretty chronic during the first two years of my marriage. What can I say, I love chocolate chip cookies! (Among other things) Adjusting to married life seemed to ignite such cravings.
Overall though, I consider myself an extremely health conscious human. I exercise, eat clean (give or take a cookie ;)) and take a plethora of herbs and other such natural health boosters. I have worked as a wellness counselor for a number of years and like to think I understand how to heal anything that comes at me.
Needless to say, this past year has been one of utmost humility. I have been broken. I have grown and learned more than I thought possible, forcing me to reassess all I knew. I had to find some way to heal- primarily for my sweet baby, and also for me.
Oh deary me has it been hard.
At first I took so many herbs, probiotics, etc. trying to help my body heal, while I ate a pretty healthy diet-minus the sweets. The sweets reeled me in. I just had to have something chocolatey after dinner! Or the afternoon lull was a perfect time for snacks I shouldnt have. I figured if I came at it strong with my supplements, I wouldn’t have to change my diet much. I mean, I already ate pretty darn good, compared to pretty much all of America, ya know??
BUT, 3 months later, my baby still had thrush. Our symptoms weren’t anything horrible, and besides a white tongue, he looked perfectly healthy! So sadly I kind of got used to it. Then one day it hit me-WHAT AM I DOING?! I needed to do more than take handfuls of supplements and eat ‘pretty’ healthy, cause it obviously wasn’t working.
So I implemented the Body Ecology Diet, being the best pathway towards recovery that felt right.
Well, about a month in to it, I got the classic herxheimer reactions. I even threw up! Which as I read, was actually a good sign. I continued to stay strong for another two months, but wow was it hard. They said the cravings go away, but I was having a really hard time. I wanted my cookies!!! So I made up my own ‘BED-legal’ chocolate chip cookies, and I was in heaven. Being pretty 100% persistent, my baby’s tongue started to look really good!
Around this time I went home for Christmas. The day we got to my parents house, the thrush was almost completely gone. GONE!
But guess what…um, newsflash: my parents house had holiday junk food everywhere you looked. And being the silly lady that I was, I rationalized that my baby and I were pretty much healed, so I could reward myself with some goodies. Oh heavens were they good!
And can you guess? Yep, it came back with a vengeance. By the time we got home I had blisters (finger dishydrosis)  covering my fingers and his tongue was entirely coated. Pretty discouraging.
I tried to buoy myself up, telling myself that I knew what I needed to do again, and that would fix it right up, just like it had before!
Well, I am going to pose that this vengeful Candida was a new threat of fungus I had not combatted before. It was harder than ever to stay good. My willpower just wasn’t strong enough! I would be 100% for 2 days, and then break completely and binge the third day. This cycle continued for about 3 months, as I desperately tried to implement what had worked for me before. I would have the smallest success, and then fall.
There were some really sad days. I think I might have been depressed. I just couldn’t believe I was ‘that person’…knew what needed to be done, but my willpower couldnt fix it. For years ‘health’ had been my forte!!! I was always the shining example! Yet here I was. Ruining my body as well as my innocent child’s.
Well, the chance came for me to come home again for 3 weeks, while my husband had a training for his job.
This was it. I needed to do something different, and maybe my Mom would do it with me as a support. I got a muscle test saying my body could handle a two day liquid fast (I was still nursing, and was very wary of any sort of fasting).
So my mom and I went to our cabin, where there was zero food, and attempted our fast. She did great, as she has been fasting previously a great deal to lower her blood pressure. I on the other hand, did good the first day, but that night I woke up to my body perspiring profusely and my heart pounding against my chest. Withdrawals? I don’t know. Probably. But it made me nervous, especially with me I scrounged up some fruit loops in the cupboard and ate a handful. That was enough for me to go back to sleep. Well, the next day my brother came, and brought lunch. Yeah I ate it. Again, I rationalized. ‘I’m nursing, so I neeeeed more than just juice and other liquids!’
But the good news is, for almost 5 days after I fasted just one day, I was able to ignore my cravings. I had the willpower to say no! I actually felt in control!! This gave me hope!
So yes, I am proposing that fasting-liquid fasting, is doable even when nursing. This was a breakthrough for me. Was it enough to heal me? Um, not quite sure. I recognized I would need to fast regularly to keep the cravings at bay.
Well almost two weeks passed, and I hadn’t fasted again. I was binge eating again! Noooo!
Then I came across something.
Something insane and controversial.
And not only did I desperately want it, but I actually felt at peace with this odd notion.
What’s funny is I had come across this article, and others like it before-but it never resonated with me like it did now. I always brushed it aside, because I simply could t comprehend that this worked for not only Candida sufferers, but any ailment!
Maybe I wasn’t ready for it. Maybe there was something I still needed to learn…I still needed certain trials to grow from. I really believe God puts us through trials on a very specific timetable.
Are you ready??
Fruitarian raw 80/10/10
Eat as if you are in Eden, like Adam and Eve. Your life and health will rise accordingly to meet you there.
Fruits and vegetables are the key.
So far I had heard it called the “80/10/10” diet, fruitarian diet, or numerous other terms.
The way it works is to get your macronutrients from fruit, and your micronutrients from vegetables, give or take. High carb, low fat.
They say that sugar isn’t the problem when it comes to Candida…the problem is fat!!
Fat reduces insulin receptivity, and insulin is like the bellman for the cell. It opens the door for sugar to get into the cell and be happy with energy! But when there is too much fat, the doorknob is too slippery for the bellman to get the sugar into the cell. The sugar is then unhappily stuck ‘out in the streets’ in the booodstream, and the body panics and let’s Candida try and reduce the sugar and bring safety and balance.
It kind of makes sense.
Fruitarian raw 80/10/10
What doesn’t make sense is that every ‘Candida diet’ out there stresses ‘no sugar and fat is okay’…completely opposite.
But the body needs sugar! We are fueled by glycogen!!
Fruit has simple sugars that the body can effortlessly use as energy, vs the body breaking down complex sugars-or worse-meat (and other things) that use up incredible amounts of energy just to be  turned into usable energy (energy=glycogen).
But the main winner? This diet is oxygen rich. Oxygen is the number one most important thing we as humans need. That fact is what really sold me.
So I am going into it 100%, for a 30 day trial run! I imagine I will keep going after that, but the plan is to keep a close assessment of my actions and evaluate at the end of the 30 days to see where my health and cravings for cookies are at.
I believe the Body Ecology Diet is absolutely amazing, and can definitely prove successful. It just didn’t work for me fast enough, and I lost steam. It took a lot of preparation and work to keep it going, and with a little baby, it was really really hard.
But this is so incredibly simple and easy!!!
Watch this,
I can sum it up like it ain’t no thang:
Water (1 lt)
Fruit (600-1000 calories)
Water (1 lt)
Fruit (600-1000 calories)
Water (1 lt)
Veggies (cooked or raw)
Obviously there variables. You CAN eat vegetables during the day, you shouldn’t eat fruit after dinner, etc, etc.
If you want to learn more, I suggest you study in depth and ignite some passion.
Every day I do this I feel better and get more and more excited!!!
I really think this is the answer for me, and maybe others.
I hope this brings you hope. canada goose sale


7 thoughts on “Fix Candida Forever by Eating Carbs and Sugar

  1. I’m 20 have suffered from Canadida for 3 years … God I hate that itch down there …. Been on a strict vegan Candida diet for 6 months . I was reading about the 80 10 10 and decided I’d give it a go I’m 3 days in with no fat! Drinking tons of water and MAN IM ITCHY !!!! Is this normal for the first week or should I quit while I can

    • Hi Kisha! All symptoms of my Candida were completely eliminated while doing 80/10/10, and often stayed away even if I cheated here and there. If I completely fell off the wagon, my symptoms would often creep back. The longer I have stuck with 80/10/10, even with the occasional slip-ups, I have healed more and more to the point where I believe I am now nearly healed. I used to immediately get blisters on my fingers if I ate gluten or highly processed foods, and now my body does not react. I do take a number of supplements as well that I am sure have also highly contributed to my healing, but diet is definitely what gets and keeps the ball rolling. Best of luck!!

      • Thank you so much for posting this, even though it was a while ago:). I had the EXACT same thing happen.. super healthy with the occasional handful of chips or whatever, everyone always asking me what I ate and did for exercise etc, then after my kids all hell broke loose! So crazy! I’ve tried 801010 but it’s sooooo hard to get through that detoxy/ horrible Candida blowup the first week, and then the cravings..and I just love going to nice dinners…could you share what keeps you from caving in to the cravings? Could you also share the supplements you used? Thank you Much love..

  2. Hi,
    What cooked vegetables did u eat for dinner – I’m battling with candida, hormonal issues & infertility. Last week I’m just eating raw till 4 fruit & greens during the day & then cooked sweet potatoes with other root & non root vegetables for dinner? Is that okay? It’s winter so I feel I need something warm for dinner.
    Thanks Allie

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