Benefits of Eating Plant Based Diet; Primarily Fruit (Vegan, High Carb/Low Fat, Raw, 80/10/10)

While on a mostly fruit/ plant based diet & minimum 3 Liters of water a day I’ve Noticed:

-I am dreaming like crazy. Or, I am more aware of the dreams I always have. Almost every night I am completely swept away in the dream state. Could it be all the bananas?
-The pinguicula at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock in each eye is slowly decreasing. It’s not as red (my liver is not as inflamed), but there is a very small lump still
-NO inflammation in my gut! I look like I have lost 10 lbs just in the abdomen area.
-I have never drank more water in my life! At least 3 liters a day, and high water content food. What is great is I desire it more, the more I drink it. I am hoping this will help inflate my skin so my wrinkles go away (especially my smile wrinkle-but that is linked to absorption, so we’ll see-)
-I poop regularly-and it doesn’t smell! I think eating the right food at the right time is what makes the difference, because it doesn’t ferment (no fruit after cooked food–dinner, etc.). It is very fibrous, easy to eliminate and even multi colored!
-I am regularly eliminating candida.
-This ‘clean and simple diet’ is transferring to other areas in my life! i.e. My kitchen is SOOO easy to keep clean, I am dejunking my entire house, getting rid of excess clothing… Clean and simple.
Here is a link to my beginning trial and understanding of a “high carb/low fat vegan raw gluten free diet”
I have to say, I am addicted to this feeling!!! I haven’t felt this good since before I got pregnant, which is over two years! I have not seen any negatives to this way of eating…granted, I have read articles theorizing that it is too extreme, but I personally have not experienced anything negative.

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