Mother Eve: Our Umbilical Connection to Heaven

I am just going to say it flat out. Our world is mistaken about it’s concept of the creation and the fall.

The most ancient and significantly important story has been thwarted to demean and shame us. Such terrible trickery hath behooved our eyes! Joseph Fielding McConkie wrote:

“From Genesis to Revelation no story in scripture has been the source of more theological mischief than the story of Eden. It is the prime example of scriptural misuse and abuse. The errors that have come from the perversions of this story have given birth in turn to a thousand more. In no story have the figurative and the literal been so thoroughly confused, and in no other story has the absence of “plain and precious” parts caused more to stumble. In the mystery of Eden we have a classic case study of the dangers and difficulties with which uninspired scriptural exegesis is fraught, and the manner in which the scriptures remain a sealed book to all save those who know that same Spirit by which they were originally given. ”

Eve and Adam were real. The creation story happened. Just maybe not quite how you think…

The truth is, we can gain an exhilarating joy from this primeval story. Our prophets have dispelled misconceptions concerning Eve and her role, for reasons essential to the wholeness of our very souls. Not to mention Elder Russell M. Nelson taught that understanding the events of the Creation has a direct bearing on our behavior here and now.

There are some serious misunderstandings pertaining to specific keynotes throughout this story we desperately need to clear up:

Eve. Beguile. Serpent. Help Meet. Naked. Sin.

Yeah, a few.

So I am going to do a series documenting my learning, each topic having its own post.



Annie Henrie painting of Mother Eve in the Garden of Eden partaking of the Forbidden Fruit

The capping creation. The masterpiece of all pieces leading up to her. She was the grand finale. Gordon B. Hinckley has stated, “Eve was the crowning work of creation after He had completed all else.”

“Eve, a righteous, brilliant, vital chosen woman, called, and tutored by God, loved and honored and cherished by Adam, and trusted by the spirits in the Grand Council to act with her magnificent eternal companion in their behalf…[she] was foreordained to be a partner, an organizer, a builder, and a creator of forms so that the great plan might be fulfilled. Certainly these essential and empowering roles directly contradict the images of “eloquent passivity” or “incipient sinner” that have permeated society’s perception of Eve.” –Eve and the Choice Made in Eden

eve and heavenly mother painting Personally I imagine her somewhat like a majestic Disney princess. Beautiful, kind and nurturing, while dancing and frolicking in nature. Naturally she would be singing and conversing with the plants and animals.

Although there is one thing that sets her apart from the typical Disney character, which is her being similar to Adam in stature. Not your average petite and curvaceous animation, Eve was regally tall and strong. Joseph Smith, the first latter day prophet tells us through revelation that  “Adam was a large broad-shouldered man, and Eve, as a woman, was as large in proportion.”

So picture more so a noble Spartan woman with the heart of a Disney princess. Well anyways, that’s what I like to imagine.

Enhancing our collective consciousness of this strong Eve and also many women’s worth, Elder McConkie gave this grand testament: “Certainly these sisters labored as diligently then, and fought as valiantly in the war in heaven, as did the brethren, even as they in like manner stand firm today, in mortality, in the cause of truth and righteousness.”

This mother of ours made the right choice. She did exactly what God intended and what she was preordained to do. Just because God didn’t prod her along the way–>thanks to agency<, and just because she went through some serious soul searching–>thanks to Satan<, does not mean she made a mistake. She weighed it all out, and ultimately made the decision that would catapult them downward yet forward on a path to bring not only herself, but all of God’s children back to Heaven in a more God-like state. If we would have just stayed put and pranced (<probably) around in heaven, we could not be Gods. This was necessary if we wanted to become like God.

Eve is kind of the best. Which is why we should desire to emulate her.

 In the most recent session of LDS Conference President Russell M. Nelson states, in reference to Eve, “We know that the culminating act of all creation was the creation of woman!”

He continues to lay out traits of Mother Eve we can strive for, by quoting President Packer:

“We need women who are organized and women who can organize. We need women with executive ability who can plan and direct and administer; women who can teach, women who can speak out. …

“We need women with the gift of discernment who can view the trends in the world and detect those that, however popular, are shallow or dangerous.”

President Nelson then further states, “Today, let me add that we need women who know how to make important things happen by their faith and who are courageous defenders of morality and families in a sin-sick world. We need women who are devoted to shepherding God’s children along the covenant path toward exaltation; women who know how to receive personal revelation, who understand the power and peace of the temple endowment; women who know how to call upon the powers of heaven to protect and strengthen children and families; women who teach fearlessly… We need each married sister to speak as “a contributing and fullpartner” as you unite with your husband in governing your family. Married or single, you sisters possess distinctive capabilities and special intuition you have received as gifts from God. We brethren cannot duplicate your unique influence.

BE. LIKE. EVE. “Take your rightful and needful place.” -President Russell M. Nelson

Part Two: Serpent | Part Three: Beguiled | Part Four: Transgress | Part Five: Help Meet | Part Six: Naked

Mother Eve. emily shay illustration

Mother Eve.
emily shay illustration

canada goose damen


5 thoughts on “Mother Eve: Our Umbilical Connection to Heaven

  1. Hi Emily!

    I found your blog post through a mutual friend on Facebook. I love your insights into mother Eve and how the beautiful story of our first earthly parents has been twisted into something mysterious and shameful. I agree with you, that there is so much more to Eve than meets the eye in Genesis. She is well worth the study, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your writing.

    • Hi Channing! Thank you so much for you comment. I love sharing insights, especially with people that share the love 🙂 We should be friends of FB! By the way, I love your blog.

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  3. I absolutely love this series you are doing and the knowledge you’re sharing with the world! This is perfect. 🙂 Also, you are such a talented artist!! You should draw your pictures to go along with your foundation posts (some anyways), if you want. 😉

    • You’re the nicest. Thank you. I am having a marvelous time with where this is taking me…
      As for including my art with future foundation posts—of course! My mind makes more sense of pictures, so I usually have one that accompanies what I am trying to say 🙂

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