MIGHT is our  I N F L U E N C E

•Our might is the trail of effects we leave in the world and the universe. Our might is the wake of our ship. It’s the swath we leave as we go through life, in other words, it’s the effects we have on the world. Now there are two aspects to might. One is our potential, which is sometimes spoken of as might. But the more real might is the actual thing we have accomplished.•

You serve with might when you attend to the needs of others and administer relief. Physical labor and diligent effort are required.


Might/Social skills based on communication:

Administer Relief
Attend to the Needs of Others
For example: motivating others, manners, management, friendship/enmity, love/hate, priesthood, mentor/master, disciple/slave, business/extortion, war/assault, diplomacy/negotiation, training, etc.
Might language then, is the result of all that we do from the heart, mind, and strength languages.
The result on other people is the might language
So, our might is the trail that we leave.
“By their fruits shall ye know them.”

(Excerpts from the teachings of BYU professor and philosopher, Chauncey Riddle) air max

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