Yogi Bhajan Quotes on LIFE & Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Yogi Bhajan

This is an Adventure in Awareness!
The definition of a yogi is someone who has totally leaned on supreme consciousness, which is God.
Wisdom only becomes knowledge when you experience it
Generating principle
Organizing principle
Destroying principle
You have three aspects:
The lower, gross self or physical self
The central or existing self
And the higher powerful, sophisticated and delicate self.
You are a God-conscious individual because you have the power of mental infinity
You must tune in to God’s infinite energy so that you can have a happy, healthy, holy, wholesome life, fulfilled life, beautiful life in which you can perceive in yourself the contentment of existence. You should be so contented that if you had to quit this planet you would just say, “thank you”.
Life is a wave! Day and night. Ups and downs.
 Like a surfer. When there are heavy tides people go surfing. They enjoy it. Other people go crazy. A mind which is developed, artistic and self controlled rides on those waves and loves it.
Religion. Religio, means looking back at your origin. And what is your origin? Spirit! And what is your end? Spirit! So what are you fighting about?
You are part of Infinity and you always lean on that power-then you will never be unhappy.
All we want to do is to extend your consciousness so you may have a wider horizon of grace and of knowing the truth.
Kundalini yoga produces whole human beings
All purposes of yoga are the same. (A yogi is in Union with infinity) kundalini is just the fastest way to get there.
A man who does not have a beam of energy within himself cannot teach it. We call it the yoga of awareness
What is kundalini? It is the creative potential of man
God/Christ Consciousness=Kundalini
After the eighth year of life, the pineal gland does not secrete fully. You must then uncoil your pure energy and make that connection to your pineal gland-your master gland-the seat to your soul.
Sat Nam=truth manifested
When you say Sat you should feel illuminated. Nam should give you existence in your humility
Asana: posture
Mudra: hand position
Bandhas: energy locks
Mantras: sound currents
Tuning In: Adi Mantra: Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo
By practicing this in proper form and consciousness, the student becomes open to the higher self, the source of guidance, and accesses the protective link between herself and her divine teacher
Ong: God as Creator
Namo: Namaste root, reverent greetings
Ong Namo: I call on the infinite creative consciousness
Guru: the embodiment of wisdom one is seeking, the guru is the giver of technology
Dev: higher, subtle or divine. It refers to the transparent or spiritual realms
Namo: reaffirms the humble reverence of the student
Guru Dev Namo: I call on the divine wisdom
Then, bow before your higher self, to guide you in using the knowledge and energy given by the cosmic self
Sadhana is a discipline of mind and body to serve the soul
40 days to change a pattern
90 days to confirm the pattern
120 days, the new pattern is who you are
1000 days, you have mastered the new pattern
The progression of developing your spiritual consciousness is threefold:
Individual consciousness, through group consciousness, to infinite consciousness
May the remembrance that the creator sent you here for a purpose awaken you to live in the purity of your own genuineness of spirit.
Ending Exercise: root lock and hold breathe…
Spiritual practice benefits seven generations before and seven generations after. So know that you not only to this for yourself, but for your ancestors and those who follow
Your mind has 4 basic stages:
The awake stage, which you are all in; but mentally you may be daydreaming. 60% of people are daydreaming!
Then there is a dream stage, when you want to sleep and rest but you have such a good dream that you are actually doing the whole thing for real.
Then there comes a stage of deep sleep in which you are so solid and helplessly asleep that you forget about everything around you and have no dreams either
The final stage is the state of turiya in which you sleep, rest, relax, talk, eat; you do everything but the pros and cons don’t bother you, and you always maintain your equilibrium and balance it is a stage of ultra-super consciousness
Through steady discipline, progress is made. People sometimes do not understand what discipline is. Discipline is the self-experience of self-consciousness, where a person feels that he or she exists. That is the greatest experience
3 Life Journeys
The first journey you master the differences between yourself and your emotions. The second journey you master being and expressing yourself in the game of polarities [dichotomy..?]. In the final journey, we sublimate our sense of self. We recognize all that we are as the formless presence of the infinite self. We open the dimension of our transcendent self. This journey requires us to go beyond differences and similarities into reality and unity.
Prosperity is a natural expression of the human spirit.
Sikh=student or seeker of truth
May I know myself to know my Maker. May I know myself to know my universe. May I know myself to know the beauty and bounty and purpose and prosperity of my life. Without personal knowledge there is no knowledge. Without personal knowledge there is no width, height or horizon. I pray to Thee, oh Lord, as you are within me, to give me tranquility and peace between me and myself so that I can know myself on the way of prosperity. I pray in thy name. Sat Nam.
Whosoever has to be born shall die. The purpose of life is when death cannot kill you.
Between man and God there are two paths: the path of fate and the path of destiny. Those who will give distance to their destiny shall fall into the path of fate. When you walk on the path of fate, you may feel very happy and be an egomaniac, but when the fatal moment comes, you will be lost again. When you walk on the path of destiny, it doesn’t matter what distance you cover.

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