Why I Wake Up At 4am & Why You Should Too

My Miracle Morning

A simple truth that has manifested itself to me in ‘my language’ (it’s funny how the same thing is often stated in so many ways, over and over till it oh-so-gloriously clicks), is this; if you are fulfilling your inner purpose, your outer purpose will naturally manifest itself. 
If you invest in becoming your highest self, everything else in your life will naturally unfold to a higher standard of living. 
inner purpose Eckhart TolleThe investment=early morning + habits.
I have to say, being LDS this overlaps beautifully with my beliefs. We are asked to give 1/10th of our income to tithing, yet the law of tithing goes much deeper than limiting ourselves to just income (and the blessings that come with it). I know that if we give the Lord 1/10th of our day, by investing in our higher selves, He blesses us by fulfilling the measure of our creation. He will also inspire us to say the things we need to, put certain businessmen in our path, prod our friend to mention some much needed advice, etc.
There are 24 hours in the day, so 1/10th would mean almost 2.5 hours go to the Lord in becoming our highest selves. The goal is that ultimately we are his vessels and he can work through us to bring light and truth to the world.
…2.5 hours??! That sounds great and all, but there is no way I can fit that into my schedule. And even if I could, what am I going to do to ‘purify’ myself for that long??
This book is the key. Your very own miracle morning. Hal provides all of the tricks, tips and tools needed to incorporate this into even the most hectic lifestyle!
In Kundalini Yoga Meditation, this time of day is called the Amrit Vela.
It is when you have God all to yourself, while everyone else sleeps 😉
Once you have dedicated your inner purpose to the Lord for the day, the rest is simple. Sit back, and enjoy the ride!!! Your outer purpose will fall into place. I promise. All you have to do is relax and just BE. If you find yourself concerned that trusting in the Lord isn’t going to be enough, stop. Stop thiiiiinking! and just BE in this very moment–this precise second–to the very best of your ability (not worrying about what took place 5 minutes ago, or your meeting in a couple of hours), then you can have an assurity that God will maneuver the rest.
It is your faith in knowing that where you are right now, is exactly where you are supposed to be. It’s where God wants you. Fixing the kitchen sink. Feeding your baby. Getting denied. Sick in bed. Crying in the car. ALL OF IT.
All of these little happenings—not only does God want you smack dab in the thick of it—but guess what, you signed up for it! Why in tarnation would you sign up for such a tragedy you might ask??? Because you knew, up in heaven, that you could handle such a setback. And not only could you survive something so traumatizing (or even mundane), you could even learn enough to move up a level! That’s why you volunteered. And seriously, that is no little thing…You are INCREDIBLE.
You wanted to get closer to Heaven faster so you signed up for a crash course. Or possibly even multiple crashes.
Knowing this, does it make what you are going through any easier? Maybe a little. But what can really help is letting God handle it. You signed up, you are here, and that is enough. So, just drink your water…INSTEAD OF worrying, focus on r.i.g.h.t.n.o.w. Because *right now* is where God is. If you are present, he will work through you.
Amrit Vela-It all starts here.
Take the leap!
Here is my habit list for my 4am wake up:
Miracle morning habit list



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