Big Belly Under Your Pants? Why and How Our Gut Rules Over Our Health: Tips on feeling happy and full of energy

Is something just not quite right when it comes to your health? As in, your body just isn’t running how you want it to..? Like, you are totally exhausted all of the time? Or you are more sad than happy? How about you keep getting some annoying skin thing? Um, do achy joints ring a bell?

I have a secret.
The answer to your problems will guaranteed be helped by looking at your gut.
Okay, here it is–
bacteria probiotics gut healthCan I get a ‘BACTERIA!’
Say what!? ‘I thought we were supposed to be anti bacteria!? We are actually PRO bacteria???!’
 That is exactly what I am saying, as well as a zillion studies and doctors are saying too(<well, the informed ones).
Wanna live a few more bonus years? Or, let’s shave some serious time off of your run. Why not go from a size 12 to an 8 in two weeks?
Or how about just getting through the day happily and with enough energy-without the caffeine–is that asking too much?
All of these payoffs are easily accessible, if you but accept and implement bacteria as your friend.
A few options to start looking at:
Water Kefir
Cultured Vegetables
Milk Kefir
AND SO MUCH MORE…Like seriously, you’re going to freak out how many more flavors there are to life.
Ice Cream? Easy.
Soda? Not a problem!
All it takes is a little *tweak of the tastebuds and some extra minutes to your day.
All of the things you love now, can be tweaked into something that not only taste delicious, but will also transform your health.
For example, my (not-so-health-loving) husband is obsessed with my cherry cream soda water kefir, and my friends couldn’t stop eating my sauerkraut tuna salad!
Fermentation is the new up and coming celebrity! (Okay, its actually been around forever) This is it ladies and gentlemen. Cultured food is the fast track sprint-of-all-sprints to a healthy and happy life.
Are you skeptical? Scared?
Don’t be ‘anti’ until you give it a go. You only really know something through experience.
Let me tell you-this experience is going to knock your socks off!probiotic bacteria health gut intestines yeast candida infection
I am writing this post to plant the seed…stay tuned for more on this subject!
Here is a preview sample culture day from Donna Shwenks:

For breakfast I had a lemon kefir smoothie (made with fresh lemon juice, kefir, and a little coconut or almond milk with stevia).

Lunch was 1/2 cup of cultured veggies mixed with kefir cheese, some sprouted chips, a bowl of soup, and 8 ounces of kombucha.

Dinner was a huge salad with some protein and 6 ounces of kombucha.

Right before bed I drank 1/4 to 1/2 cup of cultured veggie juice and 3 ounces of my kefir smoothie from breakfast.

If you take probiotics right before bed they work significantly better. They have time to grow and multiply while you are resting, which is when the body can repair itself best. Now here is a warning. This is a lot of good bacteria – it can make you have a strong reaction if you have not had a lot of cultured foods, which is why I hesitated to write this blog. I know my body pretty well, and we are friends; and it will make me well if I help it.yeast candida probiotic bacteria health gut


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