Dealing with the Mononucleosis/EBV Virus

One of my dear friends just got diagnosed with the dreaded ‘kissing disease’, and she doesnt want to settle for the doctors approach, which is nothing but ‘rest’. I am glad she is looking for other ways she can heal!

This is what I just sent her:

“Mononucleosis, or more properly, infectious mononucleosis, is caused by the Epstein Barr virus, a herpes virus related to the agents that cause cold sores and chicken pox. Most people get mono at some point in their lives, usually during childhood and, usually, the disease is so mild that youngsters don’t even know they’re infected. The virus then stays in the body for life, usually causing no further trouble. It seems that the older you are when you first catch mono, the worse your symptoms can become. Some people, who are run down or whose immune systems are depressed, can get quite sick with mono.”

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Food- LOTS of anti-viral foods consisting of onions, garlic, broccoli and apples. (There is an entire list you can download). Stay away from processed food. Try to eat mainly plant based quick exit foods (foods that digest easily for you).

Herbs- PRIMARY: Garlic, Astragulus, Echinacea and Lemon Balm. SECONDARY: Goldenseal root and Oregon Grape root are wonderful bitter herbs to take during recovery from mono for any secondary bacterial infections (the primary herbs work fine, the secondary is just another line of defense). A side effect of mono is a swollen liver. Dandelion root, greens or whole plant (without the flower and stem) and/or Milk Thistle does wonders for reducing stress on the liver. Try adding chopped dandelion greens to your patient’s broth before straining and serving it. Warm vegetable broth feels comforting to those recovering from mono and is a great way to get much needed nutrition that is easy for the body to digest. If you make your own broth from scratch, you can reduce the amount of salt that is normally available in store bought broths to a healthier level without losing the flavor.

Note: During recovery, the risk of injury to the spleen is high. You can stimulate the spleen by massaging the abdomen and doing specific yoga exercises for spleen health. Also, don’t strain while having a bowel movement :).


In the book, Feelings Buried Alive Never Die it mentions feeling unloved, feeling unworthy, and anger at not being appreciated.

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Pray, fast, ask for a blessing,  journal… You know what to do! Just don’t forget to ask for help  🙂

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