Teeth to be Healed: Cure Tooth Decay

At first I did not consider this experience worth sharing… it still confuses me, and is not necessarily the miraculous healing I was wanting–and yet, I still feel like I need to share it.

This has been a very humbling time for me while I learn to trust in the Lord in releasing my desires for his. Michael Wilcox is spot on when he says- ‘the Lord doesn’t always give us what we want, but he gives us what we need’.
So here it is- my recap of this crazy experience —

Baby toddler teeth tooth decay heal cure fix dentist cavityMy sweet 22-month-old son has been struggling with severe tooth decay on his top four front teeth. Seeing as he eats a balanced diet and is a healthy little boy, I felt I was experiencing this ‘dis-ease’ for my own personal growth in the natural realm. I figured I needed a first hand experience to understand how to help others in areas that are considered taboo in the healing world. Many people believe that teeth cannot heal, and once the damage is there, it will only get worse-not better. Well I thought I had it figured out-I thought I was to be an example in showing the world how teeth really are living tissue and can be healed!
Well apparently my asking the Lord to heal Murphy’s teeth naturally was not the method he wanted to use to teach me and help me the most.
It all started a few months ago with a little white indent on his front tooth. Immedietely concerned, I quickly bought the heralded book, Cure Tooth Decay. During my copious note taking and studies, I was sure his teeth could be healed naturally. The stress of this book is that cavities are not created by bacteria, but more so the lack of strong teeth. These strong teeth withstand situations of bacterial infections and decay. Now it is our diet that presents the main problem; we specifically need two nutrients for strong teeth, which are fat-soluble vitamins and minerals. These are nearly impossible to get adequate amounts from our Standard American Diet. There is a study quoted in the book where strong teeth are placed in a decaying acidic solution, and were not at all affected. Then there was the weak tooth which was greatly affected and quickly eroded.
Our teeth are living tissue that can be repaired and strengthened to withstand and come back from decay!
Well, needless to say I did my very best to enable this repair process. I tried to address my baby’s healing from every angle- nutrition, prayer, priesthood blessing, topical treatments, etc.
In the blessing Murphy received from his father, he was blessed that his teeth would be healed. Before the blessing I was feeling entirely miserable-like I was a perfectly terrible mother, as my baby’s teeth seemingly got worse by the day. Immediately after this blessing though, I was so excited and relieved–FULL of hope. With this burning optimism I was able to continue strong in my efforts to heal him.
Well guess what I never paused to consider? I never once thought the Lord might want to heal Murphy in another modality then the one I wanted.
So after a few months at working to repair and rebuild, I was not seeing any progress, and the heavy gloom started seeping in once again.
I wanted so badly to have faith in his blessing, but there was no progress!
Here is a little excerpt from my journal:
“Well I have been trying my hardest to heal Murphy’s teeth!
About two or three weeks ago Shmike gave Murphy a blessing that his teeth would be healed. The powers of heaven are reigning down on my baby!
And yet, it has been harder than ever to hold on and trust the Lord. I have really been trying to pray throughout the day for his teeth, for my stamina, etc.; because as hard as I am trying with my natural remedies, it seems to be getting worse! Some days it will look better, and then some days I am sure it is simply a lost cause because they looked so bad! I REALLY lost it a few days ago-I saw some new issues behind the teeth (as well as in front) that I hadn’t noticed before…and with crumbling crevices on both of these itty bitty teeth, they could whither away any day!
“Once this reality sunk in, I felt the onslaught of shame gremlins start to slam me to the ground. “What kind of mother are?!” “How could you let this happen??” “You think you have a healthy family, yet your baby’s teeth are deteriorating!” It went on and on…so much so that I started pacing the floor in a hyperventalative state. Finally, I started saying one of my favorite mantras by President Uchtdorf: “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”! I kept saying this over and over, hands on my head, trying to breathe and think clearly as to my next move.
Later that day, the missionaries came over for dinner, and I asked them for a blessing. Not to again bless Murphy to heal, because we had already been told he will heal-but a blessing of comfort for me. It was simple and short, telling me God is mindful of me and to continue forward in faith. It helped.
“Yet I was still unsure what to do. I have been studying the enabling power of the atonement>>>grace, and I know I need to do EVERYTHING I can do, and let God do the rest. Well I feel like I am doing my best in the natural world, but if I don’t fill in his teeth, is that still considered doing my best?? Should I take him to the dentist and fill in his teeth so they don’t get worse?? Yet doing so goes against everything I believe, that the teeth are living tissue and can heal themselves– as well as seemingly going against the blessing Murphy received that his teeth would heal!
Well, I texted a dentist we know. I kind of just threw it all on him…me healing naturally, his priesthood blessing-all of it. After no response, I figured maybe I came on a bit strong. Oh dear…now I was embarrassed. To the western medicine world I might look crazy! Maybe he thinks I am senseless for trying this…my thoughts were swirling into a destructive confusion.
It was then that I called our insurance company to see what dentists are covered by them. I tried three times of calling to get to the right person to ask, and each time was somehow shut down. I was put on hold for forever, then they hung up on me, and lastly they gave me information I needed to go to another place but they had no phone number or other information to get me there. Frustrating. Well I realized God might be giving me a hint. Maybe I should hold off on this path?
As it turns out the dentist we know tried calling a few times that day,  but our house gets really reeeally bad service. So a few days later he came over and talked to me, in a wonderfully calming, helpful manner. My husband and I had been fasting that day for by little guy’s teeth. He asked me all sorts of questions about his teeth-what color were they, texture, if they looked soft, size, if it was the same on all teeth, etc. He also asked me if my baby had had any high fevers when he was really young, if I had been really sick while I was pregnant, and such questions. This dentist then looked at those little toddler teeth. What he surmised from all of this is that Murphy does not have tooth decay, but He actually has underdeveloped teeth. They are still solid teeth, but during a specific stage of growth, his teeth hadn’t grown as they should –this is called the ‘neonatal line’. Even though this news made me a little sad, seeing as somehow my baby didn’t get all the nutrients needed to build strong teeth, I was still so relieved!!! I can handle that! If it was a problem that was getting worse the harder I tried, well that would be too much to bear. But this, this is at least won’t get any worse. So for now I will keep trying to help his teeth grow back healthy and strong, and continue to have faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. He heard our cries, and I know he is comforting us with this information to keep us going.”

“Okay now it’s a few days after our talk with the dentist, and I feel in my gut that it really is decay. I know it is. I don’t know why he said that they were underdeveloped, even when he looked at them. His teeth look somewhat like the neonatal line pictures online, but more like all the pictures of baby tooth decay (not the severe pictures, but just up near his gums).
“Note: I really feel like this trial is pushing me to build up the nutrients in my body to prepare me for my next pregnancy (*as I’m still nursing, so the nutrients go through me)…but at what cost? What if my efforts are not enough? A few days ago I was walking on clouds feeling SO relieved, but now I feel like I am back where I was- in the mud. Do I get his teeth filled, or continue on in my efforts? I can’t tell if my efforts are working or not. I read about all the trials of faith in the Bible and Book of Mormon and want to stay strong and trust in the Lord. I expect miracles, and yet…I just worry. What if my faith isn’t enough? What if my efforts aren’t enough?”

Shortly after I wrote this journal entry, I went online to a holistic forum and asked for opinions. I was curious if there was someone I could talk to that had been through similar circumstances, as well as any first hand experiences of curing tooth decay. Needless to say I was obliged for all of their comments!
Here are a few remarks that helped enable a shift in my perspective:
(For privacy sake, I am not naming names)
“I know in my life I’ve had blessings that I would be healed, but it took medical intervention that facilitated that healing. Sometimes the “healing” isn’t the way or exactly what we were expecting. I’d pray for what Heavenly Father would have you do then have faith to do whatever He says (even if it doesn’t make sense or isn’t what you would have chosen to do).”
“We are going though the same thing, my heart understands! Sending you prayers of comfort! I couldn’t stand watching my son’s teeth just decay to nothingness, so I prayed and we opted for the silver nitrate in hopes of saving him from having to have caps and or root canals. It’s turned his teeth black, but saved them from decaying more. It’s hard for me to look inside his mouth and not feel like I could have done more. But for some reason I feel like this is part of his mission. To live and look beyond physical beauty and to teach others to do the same.”
“A blessing doesn’t always mean you don’t use modern medicine to help. I was blessed when in labor to have a healthy baby and all four were born C-section. Modern medicine is there for our use and it doesn’t mean you don’t have enough faith. I was in labor 60 hours with my first child and I thank the Lord everyday for doctors that could perform a C-section.”
“It isn’t your faith that needs to change it is your faith in it happening like you think it was suppose to. Think back on the wording again and open up to what other ways could the blessing be fulfilled and you will see that there really was healing in that blessing. I find we often hear something and then form in our mind the how on our own. This doesn’t mean that is what the Lord meant.”
“Just remember that modern medicine is a gift from God too. Just as holistic approaches are. It’s balancing them correctly that is where issues arise.”
“ I actually heard this from a Christian pastor, but he said, “Sometimes the miracle is in the miracle of science or the miracle of math or the miracle of medicine. I can pray all day long for my eyes to be healed and my vision to be perfect… or I can go get laser surgery.” smile emoticon It just always stuck with me. I always seem to be dual-minded or black and white in my faith, when God has a million ways to make things happen. I know if you pray about it that you will find the ways that Heavenly Father thinks will work best ? Good luck!”
“I read that book. I tried to heal my teeth and flowed the protocol for 8 months. I drank the calcium tea and took the very expensive fermented cod liver oil etc. I came to this conclusion; you can only heal very small cavities. If they are large it just isn’t enough. I drank the calcium tea and it lowered my potassium so much I ended up in the ER. I think yeast is a serious cause for cavities. There is a probiotic for the mouth I ordered that is really good. I started brushing with my clay mix and added coconut oil for yeast. I have no new cavities but I ended up getting my other teeth pulled out. It was awful. But I felt so much better. I didn’t realize how sick my teeth were making me! I am not suggesting you pull your son’s teeth, but do more research. Yeast may be your tooth beast…” (<<I believe thrush has been a large contributor to the decay, as my little boy has struggled with this since he was born)

All of these comments (and plenty more) helped give me new insights I hadn’t really contemplated before. I was so sure his blessing meant he would heal naturally, that I didn’t consider getting his teeth ‘drilled & filled’ as another form of being healed. I was able to see my situation from a new angle, and have to say I have been humbled.
Baby toddler teeth tooth decay heal cure fix dentist cavity EtsySo I tried to find a pediatric dentist where we live, but being in the middle of the forest, we don’t have a plethora of options. The dentist I did find was almost an hour away, and was booked for over a month. What a bummer- now that I finally felt at peace with the next big move to take, I didn’t want to wait that long!!
So I jumped to my next option, which was to get his teeth worked on in my home state-Utah. We were going there in 10 days and I figured I might have more luck finding a pediatric dentist in the ‘land of the many mormon dentists’. Well not only did I find an amazing dentist with raving reviews, they were also able to book an appointment the first Monday I would be in town. We didn’t have to wait for over a month!
As that Monday rolled around and we were at our appointment, there were a number of concerns brought up that made my heart plunk in despair. The first was the possibility of a root canal, and the second was the possibility of needing to pull teeth. What’s terrible is we wouldn’t know if teeth had been pulled until after the procedure was over. All we could do was wait and let the dentist do what he thought was best.
Going back to the priesthood blessing my husband gave, this present situation brought an entirely new light to the blessing’s meaning. Instead of worrying and crying about the potential of my toddler having missing front teeth for another 6 years, I needed to have faith in this blessing, that his teeth would be healed!
Well, about 45 minutes later the dentist came out and quietly sat down next to me. {stomach churns} I tried to read his face before he spoke.
“Well, I am pleased to tell you we saved all of his teeth. We didn’t have to do any root canals or pull any teeth”, replied the dentist. Baby toddler teeth tooth decay heal cure fix dentist cavity Etsy
Not the way I wanted them to be healed, but healed nonetheless. I think I have learned more through this experience than I would have learned if his teeth had been healed naturally.
A few scenarios have been running through my mind as to why it all went down like this…why the Lord gave me what I needed instead of what I wanted…
-I could possibly have complications with my next pregnancy (which will hopefully be soon), and will need to turn towards modern medicine more than I ever have before (all natural home birth with my son). This could be the Lord’s way of easing me into it and helping me appreciate it in a more personal way.

So far, I have learned these three main lessons from this experience –

-The Lord will always help us, but not always how we want. He gives us what we need, not what we want.
-To experience a miracle is to experience a shift in perspective.
-The time is never passed for your prayers to be answered and blessings to be fulfilled.

“Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith!”


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