Heart, Mind, Strength and Might. RAW. LDS Mormon purpose creation create
 R A W

Becoming RAW is to live and be as God intended. This means embracing our natural state and not trying to be something we are not. When we are in our most authentic, true form, not only is this rawesome living, but we are fulfilling our purpose–why we are here. To be RAW is learning to emulate Heart, Mind, Strength and Might through the lense of your most authentic, true self. The more RAW you become, the more WHOLE you become. Happiness comes when we fulfill the measure of our creation. To tap into your purpose, why you are here, becoming RAW in Heart, Mind, Strength and Might is the fastest and surest way to do so.

•Create R A W purpose•



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One thought on “ABOUT

  1. Living in candida misery for years. It keeps spreading to different parts of me never realizing the “added health concern” was the same as the last weird symptom that popped up one day.
    To have the picture of exactly what my rash on my neck and shoulders look like started my OMG moment just ten minutes ago. I’ve been living with it I’m my mouth and throat for a year and a have, my toe for about a year, just a couple places for example on my skin. I have severe anemia and constipation and about half the other issues on the list.
    I can’t tell u all right now since I should have already been to bed but I was ecstatic to read just the small bit of your information and just had to let you know how grateful I am for all the work time and love you have shared here.
    Thank you more than words I see a flicker of faith now,
    I know you are a hero to so many and lucky I found you
    Missi Smith
    Nags Head, NC aka :
    The Outer Banks

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